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Yannis Angelonidis

Scientific discipline
Volleyball Training

Didactics and Training Principles in Volleyball

Research interests
-Cohesion and leadership in team sports
-Performance of team sports
-Training practice in volleyball

1st degree in Physical Education, University of Athens
PhD in Physical Education, University of Athens

Indicative Publications

  1. Kountouris, P., Αngelonidis, Y., Drikos, S. (2015). Are men and Women Volleyball games completely different? Evidence based on the skill effectiveness in four consecutive Olympic tournaments. Comprehensive Psychology, 4(9).
  2. Laios, Y., Kountouris, P., Aggelonidis, Y., & Katsikadelli, A. (2005). Comparative study of the effectiveness of the Greek national men’s volleyball team with the internationally top ranking teams. International Journal of Volleyball Research, 7(1), 4-9.
  3. Ntoumanis, N., & Agelonidis, Y. (2004). A psychometric evaluation of the Group Environment Questionnaire in a sample of elite and regional level Greek volleyball players. European Physical Education Review, 10(3), 261-278.
  4. Agelonidis, Y. (2004). The jump serve in volleyball: From oblivion to dominance. Journal of   Movement Studies, 47, 205-213.
  5. Agelonidis, Y. (2004). Fluctuation of different aspects of group cohesion across a competitive season in volleyball teams. Journal of Human Movement Studies, 46, 459-471.
  6. Angelonidis, Y. Beach volley traits and trends in tree consecutive Olympic competitions. Journal of Human Sport & Science.