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Karolina Barzouka

Scientific discipline
Special Trainer in Volleyball 

-Technical Analysis of Volleyball
-Training Methods in Volleyball
-Special Issues in Volleyball
-Directed Study in Volleyball
-Team Tactics in Volleyball
-Internship in Volleyball

By choice mandatory:
-Sport coaching of Volleyball
-Technical and mechanical analysis
-Training the new coaches
-Team tactic
-Special related matters of Volleyball

Research interests
-Motor learning
-Matches performance
-Factors that affect to the evolution of athletes

-Degree in Physical Education 1982
-Certification of higher education institution 1983
-Doctorate of SSPEA 2004

Indicative Publications

  1. BARZOUKA Κ. SOTIROPOULOS K. KIOUMOURTZOGLOU E (2015)The effect of feedback through an expert model observation on performance and learning the pass skill in volleyball and motivation. Journal of Physical Education and Sport 15 (3), 407 - 416
  2. Rousanoglou, E., Barzouka, K., Boudolos, K. (2013). Seasonal changes of jumping performance and knee muscle strength in under-19 women volleyball players. Journal of Strenght and Contitioning Research. 2013 Apr;27(4): 1108-17. Doi 10.1519/JSC. ObO13e3182606e05.
  3. Sotiropoulos, Κ., Smilios, I., Christou, M.,  Barzouka, K., Spaias, A.,  Douda, H., and Tokmakidis,S (2010) Effects of warm-up on vertical jump performance and muscle electrical activity using half-squats at low and moderate intensity. Journal of Sports Science and Medicine 9, 326 - 331  
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