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Olyvia Donti

Scientific discipline
Basic Gymnastics

-Didactics and Theory of Training in Basic Gymnastics
-Didactics and Theory of Training in Gymnastics for all
-Didactics and Theory of Training in Aerobic Gymnastics
-Didactics and Theory in Yoga
-Didactics and Theory in Pilates

Research interests
-Performance in gymnastics sports
-Physical fitness parameters at developmental ages
-Youth Sports

-Bachelor of Science (B.sc) in Physical Education and Sports Science, Athens Kapodistrian University, School of Physical education and Sports Science (Specialisation Diploma in Gymnastics), 1988
-Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Pedagogy (Sport Coaching),  Department of Physical Education and Sports of the State University of St. Petersburg, Russia, 2000

Selected Publications

  1. Donti, O., Papia, K., Toubekis, A., Donti, A., Sands, W.A., Bogdanis, G.C. (accepted for publication). Flexibility training in preadolescent female athletes: acute and long-term effects of intermittent and continuous static stretching. Journal of Sport Sciences.
  2. Bogdanis, G.C., Donti, O., Τsolakis, C., Smilios, I., Bishop, D.J. (2017). Intermittent but not continuous static stretching improves subsequent vertical jump performance in flexibility-trained athletes. Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research, doi: 10.1519/JSC.0000000000001870
  3. Donti, O., Bogdanis, G.C., Kritikou, M., Donti, A., Theodorakou, K. (2016). The relative contribution of physical fitness to the technical execution score in youth rhythmic gymnastics. Journal of Human Kinetics, 51, 143-152.
  4. Donti, O., Theodorakou, K., Donti, A., Patrikiou A., Kambiotis, S. (2015). Association between state and trait psychological characteristics and performance in young gymnasts. Athlitiki Psychologia, 25, 38-47.
  5. Donti, O., Tsolakis, Ch., Bogdanis, G.C.(2014). Acute and chronic effects of static stretching on sports performance: physiological bases and practical applications. Review of biochemistry and physiology of exercise, 2, 1-23.
  6. Donti, O., Tsolakis, Ch., Bogdanis, G. (2014). Effects of baseline levels of flexibility and vertical jump ability on performance following different volumes of static stretching and potentiating exercises in elite gymnasts. Journal of Sports Science & Medicine, 13, 105-113.
  7. Donti, O., Donti, A., Τheodorakou K. (2014). A review on the changes of the evaluation system affecting artistic gymnasts’ basic preparation: the aspect of choreography preparation. Science of Gymnastics, 6, 63-73.
  8. Theodorakou, K., Donti, O. (2013). Prevalence of eating disorders and phsychological parameters in elite female gymnasts: their relation to body image and body mass index. Athlitiki Psychologia, 24, 11-23.
  9. Donti, O., Theodorakou, K., Kambiotis, S., Donti, A. (2012). Self-esteem and Trait Anxiety in Girls Practicing Competitive and Recreational Gymnastics Sports. Science of Gymnastics, 3, 33-45.
  10. Katsikas, Ch., Donti, O., Psychountaki, M. (2011). Psychometric properties of the Greek version of the Test of Performance Strategies-Competition Scale (TOPS-CS). Journal of Human Kinetics, 29, 133-139.