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Nikolaos Grivas

Scientific discipline

-Didactics and Training Principles in Tennis 
-Technical and Mechanical Analysis of Tennis 
- Methodology of Teaching Tennis
- Training Methods in Tennis
-Special Issues in Tennis
-Directed Study in Tennis
-Internship in Tennis

Research interests
-Racket Sports Training with emphasis on Tennis
-Sport and Recreation Management
-Sport in Education

-Bachelor: National Sports Academy, Sofia, 1986
-Master of Management in Sport Management: University of Technology, Sydney, 2000
-Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D.): National Sports Academy, Sofia,  1991

Indicative Publications

  1. Mantis, K., Kambas, A., Zachopoulou, E., Grivas, N., &  Kontos, P. (1998). The importance of the speed of the ball flight for the performance of junior tennis player. Science and Racket Sports II, London, E & FN Spon, 190-195.
  2. Zachopoulou, E., Mantis, K., Taxildaris, K. & Grivas, N. (1999). Blood glucose concentration before and during a tennis match after an ingestion of glucose solution at definite time-periods. Journal of Human Movement Studies, Vol.36, no. 4, p. 167-182.
  3. Grivas, N. (2000). The first Olympic tennis event: organization conduct essence. Bridging Three Centuries: Intellectual Crossroads and the Modern Olympic Movement. Proceedings of the 5th International Symposium for Olympic Research, The University of Western Ontario, 241-247.
  4. Grivas, N., & Mantis K. (2009). Coach education: models, characteristics and views of Greek tennis coaches. Science and Racket Sports IV, USA, Routledge, 262- 268.
  5. Grivas, N. (2011). An analysis of racket sports in 2004 Olympics Games. Sport and Science Magazine, 5.
  6. Mavvidis, A., Konstantinou, C., Grivas, N., & Mantis, K. (2013). Effectiveness of backhand with one and two hands in teaching adult men beginners in tennis. Journal of Physical Education and Sport, Vol 13, 3,  415-418.
  7. Mavvidis, A., Manousaridou, A., Grivas, N., Evagelidis, T. & Laios, A. (2014). The effectiveness of serve in tennis depending on the placement of palm across the racket grip inwards or outwards. Journal of Physical Education and Sport, Vol 14, 4,  576-580.