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Irene Kamberidou

Scientific discipline
Sociology: Gender Issues and Sport

-Principles of Sociology
-Gender Issues and Sport 

Research interests
-Sociology:  gender issues and sport, sport identity, gender identity
-Social capital,  peace education and sport
-Sport for development  and peace: multiculturalism, human trafficking,  nationalism,  racism and xenophobia

-PhD: Panteios University of Social and Political Sciences, Sociology Department, Athens Greece
-Master of Arts (MA): BOSTON COLLEGE, Arts and Sciences- Literature and Culture, Department of Romance Languages and Literatures , Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts, USA
-Bachelor of Arts (BA): EMMANUEL COLLEGE, Boston Massachusetts, USA         
-LE DEGREE SUPERIEURE-Certificat de presence:  Cours de la Civilisation Francaise de  l'Université Paris-Sorbonne (Paris IV), France.
-Certificate of Proficiency in English, the University of Cambridge

Indicative Publications

  1.  Kamberidou, I., & Chroni, S. (2016). The Greek Experience: Outstanding Women in the Social Space of Sport. In Diketmueller, R. (Ed.), 'Inspirational women: Making a difference in physical education, sport and dance'. Publication of the International Association of Physical Education and Sport for Girls and Women (IAPESGW) http://www.iapesgw.org/ [in press]
  2. Kamberidou, Irene. (2015). Interacting, sharing and bonding: 'notes of personal experience' by 19th century women travellers. Gender, Place & Culture: A Journal of Feminist Geography. Routledge Open Access, Taylor & Francis : http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/0966369X.2015.1013451 
  3. Kamberidou, I. (2015). The Multiethnic Slavery Institution through the Eyes of Western Women and 'the real position of women in the religious system of Islam'. In Miriam Diez Bosch and Jordi Sanchez Torrents (eds). Media, Religion and Gender in Europe (pp. 53-79). Blanquerna Observatory on Media, Religion and Culture. Barcelona: Faculty of Communication and International Relations, Blanquerna- Ramon Llull University.
  4. Kamberidou, I. (2013). Women Entrepreneurs: we cannot have change unless we have men in the room. Journal of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, 2(6). [full pdf - women_entrepreneurs.pdf;   URL: http://www.innovation-entrepreneurship.com/content/2/1/6)
  5. Kamberidou, I. (2012). New Realms of Agency: Promoting Peace Education and Gender Equity through Sport. Sport Science and Physical Education, [Ed. Luminita Georgescu ],  Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems (EOLSS), Eolss Publishers, Oxford ,UK. Developed under the Auspices of UNESCO, Eolss publ.
  6. Kamberidou, I. (2011). Athlete Activism and Peace Education: Bridging the Social Inequality Gap through Sports. NEBULA 8.1, a Journal of Multidisciplinary Scholarship, 168–180. Australia
  7. Kamberidou, I., Tsopani, D., Dallas, G., & Patsantaras, N. (2009). A Question of Identity and Equality in Sports: Men’s Participation in Men’s Rhythmic Gymnastics. The Routledge Falmer Reader in Gender and Education, 220–237. 
  8. Kamberidou, Irene & Patsadaras, Nikolaos (2007). A new concept in European sport governance: sport as social capital. Biology of Exercise, 3, 21-34.
  9. Kamberidou, I. (2012). Athletes United for Peace: Reconciliation through Sport. Proceedings of the international conference SPORT AS A MEDIATOR BETWEEN CULTURES, pp. 187–202. International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education (ICSSPE), Hanns-Braun-Strase Friesenhaus II D-14053 Berlin. Editors Ronnie Lidor, Karl-Heinz Schneider & Katrin Koenen.