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Dimitris G. Mandalidis

Scientific discipline
Sports Physiotherapy

-Sport Physical Therapy
-Assessment and Rehabilitation of Musculoskeletal Dysfunctions

Research interests
-Anatomical and functional asymmetries of the musculoskeletal system
-Rehabilitation of musculoskeletal dysfunctions
-Sports injuries prevention

-Bachelor Degree in Physical Education and Sports Science, ΤΕFAA - University of Athens, 1987
-Bachelor Degree in Physiotherapy, Physiotherapy Department - Technological Educational Institute of Athens, 1993
-Master of Science in Sports Medicine, Trinity College, University of Dublin, 1998 (NARIC recognition act: 32-437/2004)
-Postgraduate Diploma in Statistics, Trinity College, University of Dublin 2000 (NARIC recognition act: 36-469/2004)
-Doctoral Degree, Trinity College, University of Dublin, 2002 (NARIC recognition act: 32-609/2004)

Indicative Publications

  1. Zemadanis, K., Sykaras, E., Athanasopoulos, S. & Mandalidis, D. (2015). Mobilization-with-Movement Prior to Exercise Provides Early Pain and Functionality Improvements in Patients with Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome. International Musculoskeletal Medicine 37(3): 101-107.
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  3. Iatridou, K., Mandalidis, D., Chronopoulos, E., Vagenas, G. & Athanasopoulos, S. (2014). Static and dynamic body balance following provocation of the visual and vestibular systems in females with and without joint hypermobility syndrome. Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies 18(2): 159-164.
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  5. Ntousis, Τ., Mandalidis, D., Chronopoulos, E. & Athanasopoulos, S. (2013). EMG Activation of Trunk and Upper Limb Muscles Following Experimentally-Induced Overpronation and Oversupination of the Feet in Quiet Standing. Gait and Posture 37(2): 190-194.
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