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Nikolaos Patsantaras

Scientific discipline
Sport Sociology

-Sport Sociology
-Olympism:  A Sociological Approach

Research interests
-External and Internal Differentiation of and in the Sport System
-Technology,  Sport Space and Time, Biological & Social Body, Sport Identities, Violence and Doping  in Competitive Sports
-Globalization, Cosmopolitanism, Human Rights, and Olympic Sports.

-Bachelor in Physical Education and Sport Science (1982)
-Graduate studies (1989-1993) University of Konstanz, Germany : Sport Science (Sportwissenschaft), Sociology, Sport  Sociology, Sports Management  (Verwaltungswissenschaft)
-PhD in Social Sciences (Fachbereich Sportwissenschaft) : University of Konstanz, Germany (1994)

Indicative Publications

1. Patsantaras, N. (2015). Can Sports Law Contribute to Regulating the Under-representation of Women in Sport-governing   Bodies? A Case Study in Greece. Pandektis International Sports Law Review,11: 1-2,  128-138.

2. Patsantaras, N. (2015). Cosmopolitanism an alternative way of thinking in the contemporary Olympics. European Journal for Sport and Society, 12 (2), 215-238.

3. Patsantaras, Nikolaos (2014). Rethinking the issue of stadium football violence in Greece: A theoretical- empirical approach. Biology of Exercise,   3,  21-38.

4. Patsantaras, N. (2013). Using global sport ceremonies to activate Human Rights: An approach prompted by the Beijing Olympic Games.  Pandektis International Sports Law Review,10, (1,2), 30-51.

5. Kamberidou, Tsopani, Dallas, Patsantaras (2009). “A Question of Identity and Equality in Sports: Men’s Participation in Rhythmic Gymnastics.”  NEBULA: a Journal of Multidisciplinary Scholarship, Nebula 6.4, Australia, December 2009: 220-237.   (online open access journal: Nebula 6.4 at http://www.nobleworld.biz).

6. Patsantaras, N.; Kamperidou, I.; Panagiotopoulos, P. (2008).  Sports: Social Inclusion or Xenophobia? Pandektis International Sports Law Review, 7, (3-4), 404-415.

7. Nikitaras, N., Dallas, G., Patsantaras, N. (2009) : The parental evaluative tendency for the operational model of private camps in the Greek region. International Journal of Fitness,5,  2, July 2009: 13-21.  

8. Patsantaras, Nikolaos (2008). Olympic Messages : Olympic Ideology and Olympic social reality. Choregia. Sport Management International journal, 4, 1, 55-65.

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