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Elias Zacharogiannis

Scientific discipline
Endurance training

-Didactics and Theory of Training in Track and Field Running Events
-Advanced Training in Track and Field Running Events
-Performance Testing in Track and Field and Skiing

Research interests
-Rate of glycogen metabolism during submaximal running
-High intensity interval training: effect on endurance perforance
-Contribution of selected physiological variables with endurance performance

-Bachelor PE and Sports Science Athens University PE DEPT (1982)
-Master of Science, St Andrews University Scotland (1991)
-PhD, Athens University PE DEPT (2003)

Indicative Publications

  1. Variability of performance during a 60-min running race. Chryssanthopoulos, Ziaras, Zacharogiannis, Travlos, Paradisis, Lambropoulos, Charilaos Tsolakis, Fotios Zeglis & Maridaki. Journal of Sports Sciences, 33, 19, 2015 pp 2051-2060.
  2.  Pacing at vVO2 Peak: Metabolic and Performance Profile. Elias Zacharogiannis, Giorgos Paradisis, Theofilos Pilianidis, Charis Tsolakis, Athanasia Smirniotou. Journal of Exercise Physiology online. 18, 2, 2015, pp 17-31.
  3.  Paradisis, G., Pappas, P., Theodorou, A.,  Zacharogiannis, E., Skordilis, E.; Smirniotou, A. Effects of Static and Dynamic Stretching on Sprint and Jump Performance in Boys and Girls. Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research 28, 1, 2014, pp 154-160.
  4.  Pilianidis T., Mantzouranis N., Siachos N., Smirniotou A., Zacharogiannis E., and Kellis S. Evaluation of preadolescent athletes’ running performance in a middle distance running event. Trends in Sport Sciences 1, 20,2013,  pp 66-71.
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