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Katerina Zounhia

Scientific discipline
Sport Pedagogy  

-Sport Pedagogy and Teaching Practice in Elementary School
-Sport Pedagogy and Teaching Practice in Secondary School
-Introduction to Pedagogy

Research interests
-Professional socialization of physical education teachers
-Effective teaching in physical education
-Children’s participation levels in physical activity

-B.A.: (1979) in Physical Education, specialization in artistic gymnastics, at the National Academy of Physical Education, Thessaloniki, Greece. (Duration of studies, 4 years)
-M.S.: (1983) in Physical Education, at the Academy of Physical Education of Warsaw, Poland.
-Ph.D.: (1992) in Physical Education, at the Academy of Physical Education of Warsaw, Poland.

Indicative Publications

  1. Adamakis, M. & Zounhia, K. (accepted 2015). The impact of occupational socialization on Physical Education students’ beliefs about four important curricular outcomes: A cross-sectional study. European Physical Education Review.Online first.
  2. Adamakis, M. Zounhia, K., Hatziharistos, D., & Psychountaki, M. (2013).Greek preservice Physical Education teachers’ beliefs about curriculum orientations: Instrument validation and examination of four important goals. Acta Universitatis Palackianae Olomucensis. Gymnica, 43(4), 39-51.
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