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The School of Physical Education and Sport Science

The School of Physical Education and Sport Science— as a trustee and custodian of Olympic traditions, peace pedagogy, athletic education and research— has as an emblem and symbol the ancient Greek God Agon (god of contest, Classical Greek ἀγών) as he appears on the ancient coin of the 4th century.

The School of Physical Education and Sport Science is committed to the quest for excellence:

  • The personal formation of our students-undergraduate and graduate- in their professional and scientific pursuits
  • Providing an educational experience that promotes the development of the person physically, socially and intellectually
  • In keeping with our tradition of promoting Olympic values and ideals, consistent with the principles of fair play, sportsmanship, sport ethics and integrity
  • Contributing to progress in sport and physical education in Greek society while promoting the value of exercise in achieving quality of life and the highest standards of Health
  • Supporting equitable opportunities for all undergraduate and graduate students and staff, including women and minorities