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Dean: Professor Nickos Geladas


School Council

  • Professor Konstantinos Karteroliotis
  • Professor Ioannis Bayios
  • Professor Konstantinos Boudolos

Sections Directors

  • Professor Yanni Afthinos (Theoretical Sciences)
  • Professor Nikolaos Apostolidis (Didactics and Coaching in Sport Games)
  • Professor Konstantinos Boudolos (Sport Medicine and Exercise Biology)
  • Associate Professor Maria Koutsouba (Theory and Methodology in Gymnastics and Dance)
  • Associate Professor Soultanaki Helen (Theory and Methodology in Aquatics)
  • Associate Professor Gerasimos Terzis (Theory and Methodology in Track and Field)

General Assembly

The General Assembly consists of the Dean, the Directors of Sections and elected representatives of  Professional and Teaching Staff.