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Department of Physical Education and Sport Science


Postgraduate studies in Biology of Physical Activity seek to train young scientists by providing them with a broad range of academic skills such as (a) an in-depth understanding of the biological responses and adaptations acquired during short-term and long-term muscular effort, as well as the factors that influence and mechanisms that govern them, (b) the acquisition of abilities to evaluate and synthesize existing knowledge derived from both interdisciplinary and specialized research in exercise biology, (c) the development of abilities to theoretically approach research problems, formulate case studies, design and conduct research, analysis, interpretation, presentation and publication of data, (d) the transmission of scientific knowledge about exercise and physical activity as a means of promoting and restoring health, strength and quality of life, e) the ergonomic and kinesiology interpretation of daily activities and sports performance and (f) the theoretical documentation of human  biological adaptations during exercise and daily life.

The purpose of the MSc "Biology of Physical Activity" is to provide high-level postgraduate education in the scientific field of adaptations of the human body during physical exercise, to improve, maintain and restore human health and strength, as well as to maximize performance.