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Department of Physical Education and Sport Science


The Library participates in Order Network ILL Book (up to 5 items).

The National University of Athens, as a member of the Horizontal Action of Greek Academic Libraries, participating in ILL Greek Libraries Network (DDEE). The network developed under the actions of the Association of Greek Academic Libraries (S.E.A.V.) relating to interlibrary loan collections material between member libraries through interlibrary loan "Iris records system." The work of the Network aim to ensure proper and consistent user access each academic member in the available material collections of other members, if this is not included in the collection of the relevant library. Central Office is managed by the Libraries Computer Center, while initially involved ten a.m. Libraries University of Athens.


To make an ILL request Book should contact person (with authentication) in the Library. All shipping and receiving material costs borne solely by the end user. The configuration of the final cost depends on the courier service chosen for the delivery of each order.