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Department of Physical Education and Sport Science


♦ Users of the library are all those who wish to become members after obtain the membership card (necessary to their identity card). The membership card is valid for one Academic year (September to July) and updated every year. States have to make all those interested in the collection and the benefits (undergraduate - graduate students, Academics, University of Athens and external users).

♦ Members have the right to use the space and library materials (reading, copying, and borrowing).

♦ Every member can lend 3 books for 10 days. They can renew the lending for 7 more days also by call in telephone. The repeat delay up of one time block lending for 1 month.

♦ There is open access collection. Users can search for their own material interests them, shelves, through the program of H / Y on lists in OPAC , with the help of librarians (there is connection in University network for all members using proxy or VPN).

♦ Users compulsory leave their bags in the space at the entrance of the library.

♦ In all the library premises (Bookstore-Reading) members-users keep quiet. Smoking is not allowed any kind of drinks and dishes.

♦ The collection of material available to members for photocopies (outside for 1 day) for reading in the reading place, for lending.

♦ The library is a borrowing library for all material except the information, rare books, theses (microfiches), transparencies (slides), videotapes, audiotapes, and magazines, which are given for internal lending.

♦ The undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD theses with the consent of their authors available in the digital library of the University of Athens.