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Department of Physical Education and Sport Science


Position: Special Teaching Staff
Tel/fax: 210-7276168
Section:Team Sports
E-mail: vagbekris[at]phed.uoa[dot]gr


Scientific discipline
Football Training

Principles of Teaching and Coaching in Football
Technical Analysis of Football
Football Training
Special Football Issues
Guided Soccer Study
Team Football Tactics
Coaching  Practice

Research interests
Football Training
Evaluation of football players
Biochemical and hematological changes in football

Bachelor of Physical Education (Specialty Football), 1986.
Masters in Sports Management, 2004.
Doctoral Degree in Biological Chemistry, Medical Faculty, 2011.

Indicative Publications

  1. Bekris Evangelos, Mylonis Eleftherios, Sarakinos Aris, Gissis Ioannis, Anagnostakos Konstantinos, Kombodieta Natalia (2012). Supernumerary in small sided games 3Vs3 & 4Vs4, Journal of Physical Education and Sport, 12(3), 398 – 406.
  2. Bekris E., Gissis I., Sambanis M., Milonys E., Sarakinos A., Anagnostakos K.(2012). The Physiological and Technical- Tactical Effects of an Additional Soccer Player’s Participation in Small Sided Games Training. Physical Training.
  3. Evangelos Bekris, Ioannis Gissis, Ioannis Ispyrlidis, Eleftherios Mylonis & Georgia Axeti (2017). Combined visual and dribbling performance in young soccer players of different expertise, Research in Sports Medicine , ISSN: 1543-8627 (Print) 1543-8635 (Online)
  4. Evangelos Bekris, Aristotelis Gioldasis, Ioannis Gissis, Konstantinos Anagnostakos, Mylonis Eleftherios (2015). From Preparation to Competitive Period in Soccer: Hematological Changes, Sport Science Review, 24 (1-2), 103-114.
  5. Bekris Evangelos, Kahrimanis Georgios, Anagnostakos Konstantinos, Ioannis Gissis, Christos Papadopoulos, Sotiropoulos Aristomenis (2012).Proprioception and balance training can improve amateur soccer players’ technical skills. Journal of Physical Education and Sport , 12 (1), 81 – 89.
  6. Bekris Evangelos,  Gioldasis Aristotelis, Gissis Ioannis, Komsis Stergios, Alipasali Foteini (2014). «Winners and losers in top level soccer. How do they differ? ». Journal of Physical Education and Sport, 14(3), 398 – 405.
  7. Evangelos Bekris , Aristotelis Gioldasis, Vasilis Bekris, Ioannis Gissis,  Stergios Komsis, Ioannis Mitrousis (2015). The Relationship of Kicking Ball Velocity with Anthropometric and Physiological Factors in Soccer. Sport Science Review, 24 (1-2), 71-88.
  8. Evangelos Bekris, Lefteris Mylonis, Aristotelis Gioldasis, Ioannis Gissis, Natalia, Kombodieta (2016). Aerobic and anaerobic capacity of professional soccer players in annual macrocycle. Journal of Physical Education and Sport, 16(2), 527 – 533
  9. George P. Nassis, Nickos D. Geladas, Yiannis Soldatos, Aristomenis Sotiropoulos, Vaggelis Bekris, and Athanasios Souglis (2010).“Relationship between the 20-m multistage shuttle run test and 2 soccer-specific field tests for the assessment of aerobic fitness in adult semi-professional soccer players”. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 24(10), 2693-2697
  1. Bekris Evangelos, Gioldasis Aristotelis, Mylonis Eleftherios,  Gissis Ioannis, Sarakinos Aris, Komsis Stergios, Kompodieta Natalia, Anagnostakos Konstantinos. The effects of practicing with a size-2 ball on the technical skills of young soccer players of a different level (2012). Journal of Physical Education and Sport, 12(4), 514 – 520.


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