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Department of Physical Education and Sport Science


Position: Special Teaching Staff
Tel/fax: +30 210 727 6080 
Section: Team Sports
E-mail: meletak[at]phed.uoa[dot]gr


Scientific discipline

Didactics and Training Principles in Handball

Research interests
Team handball performance analysis
Competitive balance
Handball coaching

-Bachelor of Science, (BS) in Physical Education and Sport Science, (Institute of Physical Education and Sport, Bucharest) 1990.
-Master of Science (MSc) in Physical Education and Sport, Department of Physical Education and Sport Science, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, 2009.
-PhD in Physical Education and sport, Department of Physical Education and Sport Science, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, 2015.

Indicative Publications

  1. MeletakosP., Bayios, I. (2010). General trends in European men’s handball: a longitudinal study. International journal of Performance Analysis of Sport. 10 (3), 221-228
  2. Meletakos, P.,Vagenas, G., Bayios, I. (2011). A multivariate assessment offensive performance indicators in Men's Handball: Trends and differences in the World Championships. International  Journal of Performance Analysis of  Sport. 11 (2), 285-295
  3. Meletakos, P., Hatziharistos, D., Bayios, I., Psychountaki,Μ. (2013). Effect of athletic and coaching  experience on coaching efficacy in team sports. Gazzetta Medica Italiana Archivio per la Scienze Mediche, June, 172 (6), 457-464
  4. Meletakos P., Noutsos K., Manasis V., Bayios I. (2014). The mediating effect of competitive balance on the relation between foreign players and performance of the Greek National Basketball Team. Journal of Physical Education and Sport Management Vol. 5 (7), pp. 72-80
  5. Meletakos P., Hatziharistos, D Manasis V., Noutsos, K., Apostolidis, N., Bayios I. (2015). Competitive balance in Greece Handball championships. A longitundinal study. Kinesiology, feb. pp.85-88
  6. Meletakos, P., Psychountaki, M., Manasis, V. (2015). Relationship between psychological characteristics and physical condition with academic performance. A pilot study. Physical Education Sport Health, vol.30, pp.40-55
  7. Meletakos P., Hatziharistos, D., Apostolidis, N., Manasis V., Bayios I. (2016). Foreign    players   and competitive balance in basketball and handball championships. Sport Management Review. Vol. 19, Issue 4, August 2016, pg. 391-401
  8. Nikolaidis, P.T., Meletakos, P.,Tasiopoulos, I., Kostoulas, I., Ganavias, P. (2016). Acute responses to 10x15 m repeated sprint ability exercise in adolescent athletes: the role of change of direction and sport specialization. Asian Journal of Sports Medicine. 6 (4) doi: 10.5812/asjsm.30255.
  9. Noutsos, K., Rousanoglou, E. Meletakos, P., Bayios, I., Boudolos, K. (2018). Performance indicators and competition ranking in women’s and men’s World Handball Championship 2017Journal of Physical Education and Sport, 18 (3), 1761-1766


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