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Department of Physical Education and Sport Science


Position: Teaching Staff
Tel/fax: +302107276193
Section: Theoretical Sciences
E-mail: sgiannaki[at]phed.uoa[dot]gr


Scientific discipline
History of Physical Education and Sports

- History of Physical Education and Sports
- History of Modern Olympics
- History of Gymnastike (gymnastics) in Greek Antiquity
- Supervision of Bachelor’s thesis
Research interests
-History of Physical Education and Sports
-History of Ancient and Modern Olympics – Sports' Technique in Greek Antiquity – Athletics and their Influence on Ancient Greek Art
-Olympism and Olympic Education – Sports and Ethics

-Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education and Sports Science, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, 1997
-PhD in History of Physical Education and Sport, University partnerships: AUTH-DUTH-UTH, 2003

Indicative Publications

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  2. Yiannaki, S.T., Stathopoulou, G. (2018). Η αξία της όρχησης στην αρχαία Ελλάδα [The worthiness of orchesis in ancient Greece]. Filosofia kai Paideia[Philosophy and Education], 24-25.
  3. Yiannaki, S. (2014). '... μουσικήν τε και γυμναστικήν...' για τις γυναίκες στα παιδευτικά συστήματα της Αθήνας και της Σπάρτης [‘…music and gymnastike…’ for women in the educational systems of Athens and Sparta]. Demosthenes o Peanieus, 33, 10-13.
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